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💛What It Means to Be a Fairy Foodie💛

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

As I dive deeper into my Fairy Foodie Features (see here for the latest), I wanted to take some time during this merc retro to slow down and reflect. Read on below for why I love being a Fairy Foodie as much as I do, and what it means to me.

On Being a Fairy Foodie...

Being a Fairy Foodie means being plant-based and working in a diet and lifestyle in harmony with nature, not against it. It means being 95% vegan, definitely vegetarian, and whole food as much as possible. In my case, it also means being gluten free. It means bringing a spirit of play, life force energy, joy, and humor into what you do, as the fairies teach us to do. It means recreating childhood favorites with a spirit of play and enthusiasm in an even healthier, plant based way. And most of all it means respect for and harmony with the cycles of nature, and respect for the animals and food that live within it.

Why I love Being a Fairy Foodie...

1. Increased Energy & Vibration

One of the many reasons why I love being plant based is because it truly helps with mood, energy, and vitality. My journey to becoming plant based started for both ethical and economical reasons. And, unbeknownst to me, also paralleled my spiritual awakening journey along the way. It is one of the primary suggestions I make to people when they want to increase their intuition, open their third eye, and really grow in their spiritual journey. Look to your diet, what you could simplify, eliminate, and make more plant based and more pure. Eating in the light means exactly that...bringing in and becoming MORE of the light.

2. Beauty & Simplicity in All Things

Being a Fairy Foodie means also bringing in more beauty into the foods and diet that you eat. There is nothing more beautiful than fresh fruits and veggies, with their vibrant colors, shapes, and textures. I find myself continually inspired to put together new and delightful combinations of things...a little bit of raspberry here, a drizzle of chia seeds there...or a little bit of roasted red pepper here, a little bit of spinach there...The opportunities are quite literally endless. I often work with a three topping rule, or three main ingredient rule. Three is a powerful number in spirituality too as it is represents the trifold archetypes of the goddess: the mother, the maiden, the crone, and in angel number meanings it is associated with the ascended masters.

3. Recreating Classics with Homemade Love

Another reason why I love being a Fairy Foodie is because I get to create simple, childhood things I loved in a revamped, healthy way. For example, I loved to have tea parties as a kid with kettle, tea, jam, toast and all. As I have aged into adult fairydom, I am just as obsessed with tea as ever...but now in a more purposeful way. I love my Monday morning Yerba Mate or picking out my latest Yogi tea to try (current winners have been Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin and Sweet Clementine Stress Support...soooo good). I have recreated jam and toast to be fruit compote on rice cracker squares, and I have even tried my hand at a variety of homemade nut milks (cashew, walnut, coconut, macadamia, almond all so far).

4. Working with Nature & Nature Play

Lastly, being a Fairy Foodie means working with nature in all of its wonders. I can't tell you how many times I have cut open a fruit or veggie and just marvelled at the beauty of its cross section. There is sacred geometry in these spaces and places...not to mention, loads of nutrients, vitamins, and powerhouses of plant based personal power (try saying that 5 times fast haha). To me, onions look like rainbows and sometimes...just come across the most incredible mushroom that SERIOUSLY looks like a raven. (That's when you know you are a true witchy woman 😉.)

Julie Ann Fae is a passionate plant based foodie who loves all things nature, spirituality, and playfulness. Following a plant based diet gives her health, energy, wealth, and vitality, and she loves encouraging and inspiring others to implement the same. Find her at where she also chats all things astrology, angel cards, Wheel of the Year and more. If you enjoy her blog, treat her to a cup of coffee here or check out the images below!

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