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😫When Stress Combines: Venus square Saturn, Jupiter & Pluto 😫

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

I don't know if you are a Venus ruled lovely like I am, but this week has been one for the 2020 record books for me in terms of stress and personal pressure.

Every day I think its going to let up, I find myself deeper and deeper into the hole of feeling like...

Whenever I get stressed or any kind of feels, my astrologer self always goes to check out the latest in the transits. I know my own natal chart so well and am fluent enough in astrology that I can quickly spot which aspects are in effect from the transiting planets...and then how those are alchemizing with those in my own natal chart. Its literally like translating a language passage from French to English.

Not only has this week been a major pile up of squares to transiting Venus, but its also coming off the heels of a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (still only 1 degree off that spot as I write this and very much still within orb). Furthermore, I am writing this for you on a moon in Capricorn night which adds the emotional / moon element to the whole Libra vs. Capricorn squares story as well (cue the 4 am stress writing).

Let's take a look deeper at what this mid week chart is about (this is a practice I do weekly in video format for my Astro Fairy members by the way) and cut into what all this cutting energy is all about.

When we look at this chart, we can see a lotttt going on. First, we have the sun and moon (the luminaries) in their most edgiest of positions: Scorpio and Capricorn. The Sun is also approaching the end of Scorpio which makes it even more full in this energy. The moon is in the first 10 degrees of Capricorn as I drafted this chart, but as the transits progress into the energy of Nov 18-19th it will then pass over Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. We go through that moon transit every month, but it is just a retriggering of all the energy that space is trying to teach you in your own chart. (Spoiler Alert: You probably know what that is by now since this year has been Capricorn in overdrive.)

We also have a slowly tightening square from (now direct) Mars in Aries at 15 degrees to Pluto and Jupiter at 22-23 degrees. The Moon moving through that spot will reactivate that square as well as the squares to transiting Venus at end of Libra (more on that in a bit). These players (Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and in many regards Saturn as well) will play a game of cat and mouse in November and December, culminating in some very tight squares at the literal end of December (hey, at least we can say the year was stressful consistently!). This is all about balancing a lot of stop and go energy and overall management of stamina, drive, and willpower. Mars, now direct though, is a bit clearer headed on its strength now, and will continue to shake off the dust from its retrograde for the rest of 2020.

The "Capricorn Cluster" as Rick Levine likes to call it is stronger than ever. Its on its way to the finishing line, and like it or not here is an amplification of all of what your personal authority lessons have been about for you in this year. What have you learned with Jupiter transiting in Capricorn all this year? We always approach the gifts - and often the greatest expansions- as we get to the end of Jupiter transits. Because Jupiter is a gaseous planet, it (sadly) often promises more than it delivers (trust me, I'm an Earth sign and had high hopes for this transit personally but it still disappointed me too). However, Jupiter has a very good way of pulling through at the last minute with surprising new doors and good luck. There's hope yet if we can focus on the shaft of light at the door open at the end of the long, dark tunnel.

On top of this, Mercury is opposing Uranus tightly within a 2 degree orb. We might be anxious and on edge, orrrr getting lots of epiphanies and ideas, orrrr even a combination of the two. Whichever house systems Scorpio and Taurus fall into in your chart is really going to shed light on what these epiphanies and anxieties are about for you on a personal level.

Yes, its true we have a Sun trine Neptune and that can bring ease, flow, and imagination into our lives (Sun in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces harmonizes water with water). But this was strongest at the New Moon in Scorpio that we just had and is now lessening. I know I advised my Astro Fairy members to do their spiritual journeying work while the new moon was ripe!

Lastly, and perhaps most potently, we have the squares of Venus to Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn and (quickly lessening) to Pluto as well. Venus and Saturn agree to disagree. On one hand, a more mature / aged Venus can respect Saturn's ability to commit and show up for responsibilities (particularly in relationships), but, in general, she would much, much, much rather be with Jupiter (Zeus). She wants to revel in the sweetness of life, be flirtatious, watch silly movies, don her best clothes, and do all the things that make her enjoy the pleasures of life.

With Venus squaring Saturn (and this is particularly affecting you if you are Venus ruled like me or have strong associations to Venus in your natal chart), pleasures are stunted, we feel frustrated or blocked that "we can't get to what we want" because there are responsibilities in the way. Whether its money issues that come up that block you from accessing that new pleasurable thing you wanted to buy, or responsibilities to people, places, and things, there's literally this holding back feeling from enjoying your life in certain ways.

With Venus squaring Jupiter, this creates excess. We overspend, perhaps out of stress or a desire to "make up for missed feels", or we underspend; we hoard and then gripe we "can't do anything fun" even though we do have the means to do so. Jupiter in square creates imbalances and things out of the right portion. We are trying to manage and pace ourselves appropriately- with our money, with our relationships, and with our overall work vs. play life needs, but its hard as we are over swinging or under swinging at bat.

Lastly, Jupiter is still very much there conjuncting Pluto (although the "peak" moment of it has now passed) and this is amplifying these lessons and "pressure is on" feels all the more. Pluto is like a jackhammer to that Pluto on the construction zone. There's some big cleanup work being done, but its a bit gritty, dusty, and edgy in the process. Venus squaring Pluto in lessening orb reminds us that relationship dynamics are, in fact, still very much tense right now.

So, what are we to do about it? I put on my hard hat at this construction zone, and drafted up some tried and true suggestions for you:

(1) Breathe. No, seriously! Stop right now and take a deep breath. Did you even realize you were holding your breath? With all these tense aspects we can forget to hold the space in between and that is what breath allows and teaches us to do. Don't forget about it!

(2) Stretch. Your body is most likely absorbing and holding onto a lotttt of stress trying to absorb and juggle all of these things. Take 20 minutes out of your day to do some gently yoga or even just go onto YouTube and search for "gentle morning stretch routine". Don't get distracted by other videos as that will set you more off balance down the excess indulgences trail.

(3) Focus on service. For me, my writing lately has become therapy through this time. As I write, I heal others, and I also heal myself by witnessing and offering suggestions to help. I have also found so much joy in walking dogs or snuggling dogs at my local shelter. There are so many people who can benefit from your time or help. It doesn't have to cost money, and you will feel so much better for what you can witness and watch yourself do. Literally ask yourself "who can I help today?" Or, better yet: "Who can I ask HOW they want to be helped today?"

(4) Make a yummy meal. Food is linked to Cancer energy which is comforting. Where we receive nourishment and supply ourselves with things that fuel us, we also soothe ourselves. Don't skip out on meals at this time. Worst case, if you are truly pressed for time, do some meal prepping and plan out some carefully balanced snacks to hold you in between meals a bit longer.

(5) Don't forget to love yourself. Loving ourselves is one of the most powerful things we can do to shift and create change in our lives. Practice when you catch your reflection in the mirror talking positively to yourself. Use those mirror moments as a chance to love on, not judge and criticize yourself. Check out the Louise Hay book Mirror Work if you are craving more with this work for yourself.

I'm rooting for you, and while you are at it please send some love my way too! This fairy soul truly needs it this week.

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Julie Ann Fae is a Professional Astrologer and Certified Angel Card Reader. She weaves together the magic of the moon, stars, and planets with fairy flair. She uses oracle cards and astrology to enliven, enlighten and inspire others. Check out more on this blog and visit her offerings at

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